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With Dental Voyages you can treat your teeth at one of our clinics in Turkey, Hungary and Holland
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10-10-2012   We have started preparations for the founding of new clinic. Opening of our department Lemiers (Vaals) is scheduled for end of 2013.

Would you like to have beautiful and affordable teeth?

With Dental Voyages you can treat your teeth at one of our clinics in Turkey, Hungary and at the new clinic in the Netherlands

Save up to 70 % on your dental costs and waiting time with the advantage of having your dental treatment finished in 5 days maximum!

Our new dental clinic with cheap prices in the Netherlands is opened (up to 50 % benefit) !

porcelain-metal crown        Hungary/Turkey € 185,-    Netherlands € 330,- !
porcelain-zircon crown       Hungary/Turkey € 275,-    Netherlands € 415,- !
titanium dental implant       Hungary/Turkey 645,-    Netherlands € 745,- !

To have a free diagnosic send us an email to 
or phone us :  
0031 436 040 543
0031 436 041 825

During 7 years we have been successfully helping the clients from all over Europe with their dental treatment.

We work only with the implants and crowns which are imported from Germany, Swiss and Italy.

We work only with the best clinics and the best dentists. Our dental clinics are ISO-certified and all the equipment is CE-marked. The high quality is a priority for us.

Antalya Budapest

Dental Voyages are famous from TV and newspapers, click on the button "Media" to watch the videos.

We provide the diagnosis, regular check-ups and treatment at the dental clinic near Maastricht, the Netherlands, about 400 km from London. We propose you the dental treatment at our new clinic in Maastricht at the prices lower than average in Western Europe.

We offer all kinds of dental treatment at much lower prices:

  • white composite fillings
  • root canal treatment (devitalisation)
  • periodontitis treatment
  • laser teeth whitening
  • porcelain veneers
  • dental crowns (metal, ceramic, porcelain, zirconium)
  • dental bridges
  • dental prostheses (dentures)
  • titanium dental implants
  • sinus lift procedures and bone grafting
    and more

Contact us and we will take care of all the rest!

Our dentists, dental surgeons and periodontistshave a lot of experience, and work mostly with clients from the UK, France, Belgium and Sweden.
Within one little trip of 3-4 days you will get a beautiful and healthy smile!
Full mouth treatment with porcelain crowns from 185,- per crown is ready in only 5 days!
As a result, you save on waiting time and dental costs.

Generally speaking, the costs of dental care and the waiting lists have become tremendous. By this reason many people now are looking for the dental treatment abroad. For example, in Turkey or Hungary, where the standards of dental care are very high, but the prices are significantly lower and the duration of treatment is much shorter.
However, simply to go to Turkey or Hungary for dental treatment can be rather difficult for an individual. Planning the trip, one can face many questions: journey, foreign language, quality, garantees, which dentist and dental clinic to choose... Organisation of all of this can be quite challenging.

Dental Voyages will solve all these problems for you!

  • We take care of all the transport between your hotel and the dentist.
  • Multilingual employee, who speaks English as well as the native language, stays with you during all the treatment.
  • You can contact us all the time during your journey.
  • The treatment is preceded by an extended diagnosis and will only be started after the plan and quotation have been accepted.
  • No advance is needed. Payment will be expected only when the final result is to your 100 % satisfaction.
  • Your Dental Insurance may reimburse some of the costs incurred.

Personal accompaniment

You will receive all the necessary information in English by telephone and e-mail, we will take time to explaine you all the details and reassure you. Dental Voyages will be in Turkey and Hungary during all your staying. We will come to meet you at the airport and bring you to the hotel where you are staying. You will be accompanied by one of our colleagues during the whole treatment.

Afraid of the dentist ?

Dental Voyages have a lot of experience of helping people, who have not visited a dentist for years because of the fear. Through our personal guidance, they have overcome their fear and returned back home with beautiful, healthy teeth and with more self-confidence. Of course the sun, sea, natural beauty and tranquility have also contributed.

Ophthalmology (eye laser operations) and esthetic surgery

If you are looking for different sorts of esthetic treatment or ophthalmological operations, we kindly ask you to visit another site of us.

We can help you with:

  • eye laser surgery and lens operations
  • botox
  • chin correction
  • facelift
  • eye, nose, ear correction
  • breast enlargement/reduction
  • arm lift
  • tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • hair transplantation
  • liposuction
  • medical check-ups


More about our dentists ->

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