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Dental crown is the best and the most esthetic way to protect and reconstruct a damaged tooth!

A crown is used for a tooth which was broken, fractured, worn out, or seriously damaged by a caries.

If there is a tooth broken, worn down, showing severe colour difference or if the gum is retracting we can place a crown or veneer.

Dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap which preserves the functionality of a damaged tooth. Dental crown is placed over a tooth and covers it in order to reconstruct its shape and size, make the tooth stronger and improve its appearance.

Our dentists and dental sergeons will provide you with a brilliant smile in a professional and pleasant way!

Porcelain-metal crowns         € 185,- Netherlands € 330,- !
Porcelain-gold crowns    € 275,- Netherlands € 415,- !
Porcelain-zircon crowns € 275,- Netherlands € 415,- !

If the roots of your teeth are in good condition and do not move we can put dental crowns to align them and make white. There is no need to pose implants, we can renovate your dentition with the help of crowns.

If you want we can place the crowns with the zirconium base because they resemble the most our natural teeth, they are lighter than the others and look more esthetic.

Dental bridge

If you have missing teeth, a crown can become a part of a dental bridge to fill the gap of missing teeth or molars. A bridge is placed on the teeth on either side of the missing tooth, or on the dental implants.
If there are abutment teeth on only one side of the missing tooth or molar, for example if the hindmost molar is missing, another kind of dental bridge is used, called cantilever bridge.

Porcelain Crown

Cantilever Porcelain bridge
The size of a bridge depends on how many missing teeth you have and how many abutment teeth are necessary to use to make the bridge strong enough. Once the bridge is fitted and fixed, it is not removable.


After you have sent us a request, we will contact you personally by e-mail or phone to get more information about your dental problems and to discuss with you different solutions of treatment.
Then, you will receive by e-mail an estimate of the treatment and all the necessary information to make your dental trip.
If you have a possibility to send us a panoramic X-Ray of your teeth or a few pictures of your mouth to [email protected] , it will help us to establish more exact diagnosis.

After you have booked your holiday and we have received the information concerning the trip, we will send you the confirmation with the details of the appointment. Our driver and English-intermediator guide will meet you in the airport and accompany you during the visits to the dentist.

During your first visit we will make a new X-Ray. The dentist or dental surgeon will examine the present state of your teeth and make a plan for your treatment. If there are some changes in the estimate which was made before, the dentist will explain them to you. Once you agree with every detail of the plan, we can start the treatment.

  • We will make local anaesthesia with completely sterile and new syringe, so you will have no pain at all during the treatment.
  • If necessary, we will make filling and devitalisations, so that your teeth are healthy before we put the crowns or bridges.
  • A plaster replica of your teeth will be made. The tooth/molar which has to be replaced will be adjusted, so that a crown or a bridge can be installed.
  • The permanent porcelain crown/bridge will be prepared in 4-5 days. During this time you will wear synthetic temporary crowns. That means that as soon as you leave the clinic, you can smile and eat normally.
  • Together with the dentist you will chose the colour for your new teeth, from extra white to natural.
  • After 3 days we will make the first trial of the base of the crown/bridge. If the base fits well, it will be covered with porcelain.
  • On the 4th or 5th day the permanent porcelain crown/bridge will be ready. It will be placed temporary in order to evaluate the result. If everything is like you wished and you are completely satisfied, the crown/bridge will be glued and fixed.
  • You will get information how to take care of your new crowns/bridges so that they can serve you for many years.
Before After
before putting crowns teeth with crowns


All the materials we use are CE-marked. Porcelain for our crowns is imported from Germany.
Inside of a crown there is always a base. We offer porcelain crowns with different bases:

  • metal porcelain
  • gold porcelain
  • zirconium porcelain
  • or porcelain veneers

Exterior part of a crown is covered with white porcelain. Porcelain is fused to the base in order to give the crowns a natural look, just like your real teeth.


The guarantee of 3 years is given by the dentist at the clinic where you have had your treatment made (dentl crowns, dental implants). You are also welcome to our clinic in the Netherlands in order to have regular control, small corrections, etc. at a friendly price.

A travel agency gives usual guarantees for travelling and accommodation.

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